December Podcast Roundup: Happiness Matters | Dr. Christine Carter

December Podcast Roundup: Happiness Matters


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Here are the December Happiness Matters Podcasts — hope you check them out if you missed any!

 The Art of Setting Limits

Kids aren’t perfect, and it is sometimes hard to know when we should enforce a consequence, especially if it is easier not to.  Here are all the reasons why we should hold our ground, setting limits with love.

Is yelling the new spanking?

Most parents yell at their kids at one time or another, but as stress and exhaustion increase over the holidays, some parents yell more. Rona gives us her tips and tricks for yelling less.

Managing routines, sleep, and sugar intake so kids can thrive

The holidays are so fun, but many kids get really out of whack.  Rona and I provide tips on how to manage moodiness and exhaustion at this time of year.

Raising Forgiving Kids

Is your child having a hard time forgiving a classmate for hurting his or her feelings? If you’ve got a grudge-holding or revenge-seeking kiddo, this podcast is for you! Rona and I discuss foundational skills that lead to forgiveness. Part one of two.

Check out my podcast Happiness Matters with Rona Renner either here on the Greater Good website, or here on iTunes. Happy listening!

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  • Loraine

    These are great! I can’t seem to find part 2 of the forgiveness podcast.