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Happiness Tip: Give 8 Hugs Everyday

We all know that hugs make us feel better; one reason they do is that they stimulate production of the feel-good neurotransmitter oxytocin — the so-called bonding hormone.

Oxytocin makes us feel more connected to those around us; feeling socially connected, in turn, makes us happy.

I was just listening to one of Dr. Sara Gottfried’s webinars; in it she recommends getting or giving eight hugs a day in order to reap the benefits of the oxytocin that hugs can stimulate. Personally, I’ve found that just watching other people hug (specifically, in this video) can make me feel warm and glowy.

Take Action: Decide right now when and where you’ll get your daily eight hugs, and make sure those hugs get built into your daily routine. For example, hug your kids everyday when you get them out of bed, your partner everyday before you leave for work, someone at lunchtime everyday, etc. The hugs need to be “lingering” — quick pats on the back aren’t going to cut it. Bonus: lingering kisses and mini-massages also work.

Who will you hug and kiss each day? Comment below.