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May Podcast Round-up: Happiness Matters

Here is a list of Happiness Matters Podcasts you may have missed in May:

Is Divorce Always Bad for Kids?
Rona and I are both divorced; we’ve both considered the issue deeply both personally and professionally. When is divorce better for kids than staying together?

Forgive and Forget?
Is the old adage “forgive and forget” still good advice? Rona and I talk about the relationship between forgiveness and happiness, and we suggest some things we can do with kids that will help teach them the skills they need to forgive and move on.

Gratitude v. Entitlement
Want to know what my #1 strategy for raising happy children is? It is the conscious practice of gratitude.  Learn how and why to raise kids who are more grateful than entitled.

Is Happiness Selfish?
Do happy people focus on being more selfless than selfish? Rona and I discuss how self-love and self-compassion differ from selfishness, and how kids’ natural self-centeredness can detract from their happiness.

Does Your Child Have “Problems”?
Teachers often come to parents when their children have problems, but sometimes this framing can lead kids to believe that they can’t do something, or that they are failing. Are problems better framed as opportunities and challenges?

Check out my podcast Happiness Matters with Rona Renner either here on the Greater Good website, or here on iTunes.  Happy listening!

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