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July Podcast Round-up: Happiness Matters

Here is a list of Happiness Matters Podcasts you may have missed in July:

An Ancient Practice for Modern Ailments

Research shows that mindfulness and meditation counter depression and anxiety—and the stress of our crazy busy lives.  Listen to this week’s podcast to learn a simple “loving-kindness” meditation you can do alone or with your kids.

Happy Parent, Happy Child

Want to know what happens to our nervous systems when all we do is check things off our task lists? Rona and I talk about a major happiness killer: busyness. If you feel too busy, or even overwhelmed, this podcast is for you.

Fostering Optimism and Confidence

Far from being a “nice-to-have,” optimism is a necessary ingredient for health and happiness in our rapidly changing world.  Find out some of the things that parents can do to promote hope and optimism in kids.

Raising Lucky Kids

Turns out that certain skills make us—and our kids—luckier. Learn what they are, and how to teach these skills to your kids!

Check out my podcast Happiness Matters with Rona Renner either here on the Greater Good website, or here on iTunes.  Happy listening!

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