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August Podcast Round-up: Happiness Matters

Here is a list of Happiness Matters Podcasts you may have missed in August:

Seven Ways to Foster Creativity

Creativity is an important lifeskill that we can teach kids.

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

We’ve all done it: threatened a consequence in the face of our children’s misbehavior that we don’t intend to follow through on. In this podcast, Rona and I discuss why not following through makes our kids insecure, and what we can do instead.

Inspiration for Parents from Famous Coaches

This is one of my favorite podcasts! I find the wisdom of celebrity athletic coaches that we quote here to be incredibly inspiring. Thinking about my parenting as a type of coaching makes me a better parent.

How to Encourage Kids: Empty praise? Or real motivation?

Continuing our discussion from last week about coaching, Rona and I parse out the difference between encouragement and praise for truly motivating kids.

Check out my podcast Happiness Matters with Rona Renner either here on the Greater Good website, or here on iTunes. Happy listening!


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