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Happiness Tip: Be Unproductive for a Whole Work Day

If you are like me (a recovering perfectionist and over-achiever) consider taking a break from your high-productivity this week. Loads of research make it clear that unrelenting work doesn’t lead to success and it certainly doesn’t contribute to happiness. (Or health, for that matter.)

We know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that highly successful people manage their energy by working hard and then resting. They take time off and get enough sleep.

Sometimes, we need to let ourselves tinker and day dream and chat rather than produce, produce, produce.

Go ahead: Procrastinate. Linger at the water cooler. Don’t do the dishes. Take a long lunch. Answer your emails in any order you fancy. Don’t cross anything off your task list. If this isn’t your normal way of being, this might be quite uncomfortable for you. Try to breathe through the discomfort while resisting the urge to criticize your sloth-like pace. You can always put the pedal to the metal tomorrow.

Join the discussion: What’s your favorite way to procrastinate? Inspire others by commenting below.


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  1. Trivedi Effect says:

    I think your procrastinating idea has a lot of potential! it is a great happiness tip. We need to pause, appreciate and realize what is truly important in life. Very enjoyable read. Thank you.

  2. mem says:

    I agree this idea is important and has potential for improving one’s attitude and effectiveness. One suggestion, tho: take the day off (vacation or personal day), do not do this while AT work!

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