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Happiness Tip: Make a Resolution

You want to lose weight. Get out of debt. Eat more kale. Call your grandma more often.

I do understand why New Year’s resolutions don’t make a lot of people happy: They can be a source of failure, year after year. Folks often pick resolutions that are inherently unrewarding, that necessitate relentless hard work, or that remind them of their mortality in a way that makes them feel small instead of grateful. I know because I’ve made all of those mistakes.

But now? I firmly believe that New Year’s resolutions can be a lasting source of happiness. Personally, I use them to transform myself in small increments, taking turtle steps toward new habits. I begin slowly around the winter solstice, and inch myself toward a newer, better self. By spring, my new habits have taken hold, and the green leaves of growth unfurl.

What are you resolving for the New Year?  Is it something that will make you happier? (I write about my favorite happiness-inducing resolutions here, on my my Greater Good blog.)  Inspire others by sharing your resolutions below.

Take Action: Join Our Resolutions Group — Free! Over the years I’ve learned a lot of tricks for successfully keeping New Year’s resolutions. And in the last three years, the science around willpower and habits has made great advancements, which helps a lot. To share all I’ve learned, I’ve created this online course about making and keeping great New Year’s resolutions. Sign up now; it’s free for a limited time only.

Cheers to making 2013 the BEST YEAR YET!


    • I love that; we (joke) in our family that we’re going to live this year like it is out last, because one of these year’s we’ll be correct.
      This year, how will you make it the best year yet?

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