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Top 10 Happiness Tips of 2012

The most fun part of 2012 for me was sharing my Happiness Tips on the Dr. Oz Show. If you missed that episode, you can watch it here:


Readers also voted on their favorite Happiness Tips — through their clicks, comments, and shares on Facebook and Twitter. Wondering which Happiness Tips were most popular in 2012? Here’s the list!

  1. Make a Plan
  2. Write a Love Letter
  3. Change Your Mantra
  4. Give 8 Hugs a Day
  5. Make Gratitude Placecards
  6. Touch the Earth
  7. Commit to Kindness
  8. Cultivate Your Support Network
  9. Spend Some Time Alone
  10. Listen to Your Favorite Song (bonus: a crowd-sourced happy song playlist)

Join the Discussion: Which Happiness Tip was your favorite, or created the most happiness for you? Did we miss one that you especially remember? We’d love to know — don’t forget to leave a comment below!