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The 10 Most Popular Raising Happiness Posts in 2012

I’m always a little surprised by the posts that rise to the top!

Wondering which Raising Happiness posts were most popular in 2012—on Greater Good and Facebook—and which generated the most comments?  Here’s the list!

10. Not Too Thin, Not Too Fat 
How to raise healthy, happy kids.

9. Is Your Kid Mean? 
Five ways to raise kind and compassionate kids.

8. How to Deal with Misbehaving Kids 
The cure for “empty threat syndrome”

7. Turning the Morning Blitz into School-Day Bliss 
Five steps for peace before school

6. 3 New Year’s Resolutions that Will Make You Happier 
This year, skip the New Year’s diet and do something fun.

5. Is Your Spouse Enough for You? 
Four things you can to do to find out

4. Greater Happiness in 5 Minutes a Day 
How to teach kids loving-kindness meditation

3. Hate Your Husband? (or Your Wife?) 
You probably expect too much.

2. 3 Essential School Supplies That Aren’t on Your List 
More important than pencils and paper.

…and the most popular post of 2012 was…

1. Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Who’s the Best Mom of Them All? 
The top ten tips for being the best mom you can be.

Happy New Year, everyone!