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Still Keeping your New Year’s Resolutions?

It’s been six weeks since New Year’s Eve, and I hope that you are still going strong with your resolutions.

If you aren’t, don’t despair! Slips and setbacks early on actually don’t predict whether or not you will succeed in the end. If you need support getting back on track, watch this video class from my online class “Cracking the Habit Code,” How to Respond to Setbacks, which I’m making available free until Sunday, March 3 at midnight PST.

Don’t let a small slip turn into a free fall! Take this opportunity to:

  • Recognize the difference between lapse and relapse
  • Identify where things went wrong
  • Make a plan for eliminating challenges moving forward

The full “Cracking the Habit Code: 21 Days to Keeping Your Resolutions” class is still running if you’d like to join us. Head over to the class catalog to learn more or register.


  1. Sarah says:

    I am! Thank you so much for the cracking the habit code class! I can’t believe that I’ve kept my resolutions… This year, I wanted to “purge clutter front the house one hour every Saturday”. when I mentioned that to my husband, he reminded me that that was my resolution last year. Whoops! So, I changed it (10 minutes per day) and added 30 minutes per day of “working on a creative project”. The net result has been a cleaner house, a new jacket sewn for my daughter, an embroidery project that I’ve taken to boring meetings at work (ha!) and, I swear to you I lost like six pounds because I’ve been sitting in front of the tv for a fraction of the time I used to which means no mindless snacking and no time for that drink or two. And really, that was what I wanted all along – to get off the couch at night. I can’t thank you enough. One of my co-workers emailed me from the learning and the brain conf on Friday and said, “I’m about to hear Christine Carter speak and I’m thinking of you!”. I guess I’ve talked about you a bit since I found your blog last fall. 😉

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