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Meditating with Kids

Loving-kindness meditation does far more than produce momentary good feelings.

Research convincingly shows that it actually puts people on “trajectories of growth,” leaving them better able to ward off depression and “become ever more satisfied with life.” This is probably because it increases a wide range of those resources that make for a meaningful and successful life, like having an increased sense of purpose, stronger social support, and less illness. Research even shows that loving-kindness meditation “changes the way people approach life” for the better.

Moreover, doing a simple loving-kindness meditation can make us feel less isolated and more connected to those around us: one study showed that a SINGLE SEVEN MINUTE loving-kindness meditation made people feel more connected to and positive about both loved ones and total strangers, and more accepting of themselves. Imagine what a regular practice could do! For more information about loving-kindness meditation, check out this post on my Greater Good blog.


  1. Deena says:

    I would even suggest saying these phrases from an affirmative position, i.e.. I see you as happy and strong, I hold myself in a space of happiness and health, our planet and all beings are shining brightly with love, etc. But any time we take the time to be in loving kindness with our children and model this behavior is going to be transformational for all.

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