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Happiness Tip: Appreciate Your Loved Ones

Express gratitude to the one you love.

Research shows that gratitude is one of the most powerful — and efficient — ways to strengthen a romantic relationship (or any relationship, for that matter). Gratitude is relationship-strengthening because it requires us to see how we’ve been supported and cared for by other people.

Take Action: Celebrate the one you love by detailing all the things that you appreciate about him or her. Cut out a dozen paper hearts, and write one thing for which you are grateful on each.

Join the Discussion: How do you show gratitude to the love of your life? Share in the comments below.


  1. Margaret says:

    I’ve been reading Christine’s work on gratitude and even though it can feel hoaky, because my kids are 15, 14, and 8 (I usually start with the 8 year old), I’ve been just trying by saying “thank you, that meant a lot to me”. And sometimes saying why, like if it helped me get do e quicker or whatever. Also I’ve decided to do it even when I’ve told them to do the thing or even if it was a struggle and I yelled! It is amazing how much they care; how much it affects the mood of the house. I know it’s a good morning when after I say bye to my 15 year old when he walks out the door for shook, and his 14 year old sister yells, “bye Eli, good luck!”!!! And, of course, the 8 year old is soaking it all in!

  2. melanie hoyt says:

    Thank you, Dr. Carter. My service dog Misty was attacked recently by a pit bull and luckily
    there was a yard sale nearby with a number of people. Thus we were successful in saving
    Misty. She has two chewed up legs on her right side and of course endured pain and suffering — she has never been attacked. Thus in this ensuring time I make sure that several times during the day I focus on her for a period and let her know how much I love her and how important it is to have her in my life. I have only one daughter and the two of
    us went through a harrowing set of experiences during her minority. I always emphasized to her that “the important thing is that we got through it together.” I find it so easy to remember this gratitude to others but I always want to remind myself to do this with my
    nearest and dearest. (By the way Whitney caught 10 minutes of your habit course that I
    began –must resume– before the pit attack and remarked: “I can tell from her enunciation
    that this woman really thinks a lot of herself.” My response to her was: “Hell, yeah, she’s a
    Ph.D. and is presenting wonderful profound material to people. So she should be proud.”
    Now that I have discovered you it is my hope and intention that as soon as the first tv show sells to have you work one-on-one with my daughter as you will be the one to have
    her bring out her enormous abilities. I do think that God gave them to her because she
    has a special mission in this world — just as you do.)
    Melanie Hoyt

  3. Ruth Nemzoff says:

    Showing gratitude even for actions which are “expected” in families is one of the best ways to foster rewarding relationships with your adult children and your in-laws.

    Ruth Nemzoff

    Author of:Don’t Bite Your Tongue: How to Foster Rewarding Relationships with Your Adult Children and
    Don’t Roll Your Eyes: Making In-Laws Into Family

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