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Happiness Tip: Quit Something

It’s a myth that “winners never quit and quitters never win.”

From a stress-management standpoint, we need to know when to disengage — and be able to disengage — when the cost of reaching a goal is outstripping the benefit. One study showed that teenage girls who couldn’t disengage from pursuing a difficult goal showed increased levels of the damaging stress-related chemicals in their bloodstream that are linked to diabetes, heart disease, and early aging. It  didn’t matter if they eventually reached the goal or not; too much perseverance can elevate stress-hormones and extract a high cost physically and psychologically.

People tend to feel better, both physically and mentally, when they disengage from a very difficult goal and re-engage with one that is more attainable. The social pressure NOT to quit can be tremendous, and for some people will take a great deal of courage.

Take Action: Quit something. Remember that there are good reasons to quit — when the stresses and the costs of continuing out-weigh potential gains — and there are bad reasons, such as fearing failure.

Join the Discussion: Are you having a hard time quitting something you know isn’t serving you  on your journey? What is holding you back? Are you embarrassed to admit that you just can’t do  it? Share in the comments.