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Happiness Tip: Take a Stroll

Father And Sons On The Boardwalk.

My grandmother always told me that getting outside for a little walk could clear our heads and lift our spirits; now we have plenty of neuroscience to show that she was, of course, correct!

When we’ve been feeling angry or had a “fight or flight” response, physical activity can help us feel better by clearing the adrenaline out of our system.

Take Action: The next time you start to feel anxious, get up and get moving. Like happiness researcher Sonja Lyubomirsky says: Exercise — even just a little walk around the block with the dog or the baby— may just be the best short-term happiness booster we know of.

Join the Discussion: Have you noticed a positive change in your mood after a good stroll? Share in the comments.


  1. Renee Trudeau says:

    Thanks Christine–good to hear the science here! I am a huge evening “stroller” and usually we walk as a family or I go with a neighbor. Even for 20 minutes and even if I already “worked out” in the a.m. I love seeing the stars/moon come out, seeing the change in the trees and plants, the feeling of “shedding the day,” and I can definitely feel the physiological changes that are happening as we cruise around our hood. So looking forward to our Texas summer night walks where we see the fireflies and frogs come out and hear the singing cicadas! Hug to you my friend!

  2. Chris says:

    Hi Christine,
    As a stress therapist I recommend 10 minutes of a vigorous exercise (dancing or brisk walking) to burn up the constituents of the stress response. It is also important that children who have been playing computer games who have their little bodies revved up with all those stress hormones do at least 10 mins of vigorous exercise to dissipate the blood lipids, hormones, sugars etc. released during the flight or fight response. Strolling for me is the most pleasant thing I can do – greeting neighbours, looking at gardens and smelling the sea air and noticing the changing colours of nature. Chris

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