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After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.”
— Oscar Wilde

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    I searched the internet and found something you wrote back on march 2. In the article you actually stated that people expect too much from their partners these days. Now, although I can see the point you were trying to make…when you referred to your grandmother being sooooooo happy with her life and her husband. Let me tell you something the message you send is dangerous. It is a convoluted mix of misinformed inexperienced excuse me for saying hogwash. (trust this was not the first word to come to mind) I too, am an educated woman, but I seem to have a little more common sense than you PH.D provided you. The holes in your story are plentiful; for example: men back in your grandmothers day provided financially but also fixed repairs around the house, shoveled, worked all the car upkeep etc. Today I can tell you from personal experience no amount of fooling myself with your water happiness diluted concept of reality will change the true and simple fact that once I had a baby, my partner became a complete and utter waste of space. Many men today are wimps. They do not help enough and your ridiculous article makes me want to vomit all over the very ideas you have crapped out of your degree. I am insulted so, if you are by my statements….then I guess we are even. I have done everything from day one of my child being born….I even saved the house I live in from foreclosure and what did I get? Mono….such a bad case of it that I have chronic fatigue for the rest of my life. So before you write some psychology filled article that basically states to change your perception of a completely screwed up society where men are the biggest babies and women do everything, get a grip and actually talk to some mom’s of today. Your grandmother is a mute point. Do you know how many times my partner has taken OUR son out of the home by himself in 2.5 years? ONCE ! So lower expectations on that??? WOW you are in serious need of a reality check. Your speculations and reasoning is so far gone I urge you to watch the movie Visioneers and anyone else who is buying this stuff she’s selling should watch it as well. In conclusion YOU AND YOUR BLOG SHOULD BE LIKE WATER AND EVAPERATE.

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