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Fail at Your New Year’s Resolution

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This week is an important one for people who made New Year’s resolutions (I hope that’s you)! If you can keep your resolution for the rest of the week, you’ll be much more likely to end the year having kept it, too.

When starting a new habit, it can be frustrating to fail. But failing is also essential to the process of creating a habit that sticks. Unless you are some sort of superhero, you will not be able to get into a new habit perfectly the first time. You’ll trip and fall and royally screw up. And then you’ll have the opportunity to learn something from your failure that you probably couldn’t have learned any other way.

Faltering is a normal part of the process. It doesn’t matter if you have a lapse, or even a relapse, but it matters how you respond. If you’ve had a slip, don’t get too emotional or succumb to self-criticism.

Take Action:  If you’ve started faltering with your resolution, the first thing to do is forgive yourself. Remember: lapses are a part of the process, and feeling guilty or bad about your behavior will not increase your future success. Make a plan for the next time you face a challenge similar to the one that caused your lapse. What will you do differently? What have you learned? What temptation did you face that you can remove? Is there something that you need to tweak? Were you stressed or tired or hungry — and if so, how can you prevent that the next time?

Join The Discussion: Tell us about your lapses in the comments. Be sure to ALSO tell us how you’ve gotten back on track.

Need more structure? If you want more support in making a change like this one, please sign up for my free online class. You’ll get a worksheet and an email everyday for 21 days that will give you more help establishing good habits like this one.



  1. Gloria Jensma says:

    I just completed the Day 5 assignment from the very excellant 21 Day Habits class. AND, by reading the Sweet Spot book before starting the class, this morning was my tenth morning incorporating my two new habits: eight to ten minutes of stretching and two resistance exercises. Yay! And for the last three mornings I’ve added about five minutes of meditation. More yay! The instructions in the book on how to set up triggers to support the new habits made it fall into place.
    Love the book and new habits. I’d love to get some interaction going here. I’m pretty much of a loner so I’m trying to incorporate Part Four of the book and become more social.
    Bye for now,

    • Christine Carter says:

      GREAT! I’m hoping that people respond — a lot less interaction this year with Cracking the Habit Code now that it is mostly taking place over email. I’m glad you are getting a lot out of it! Yay you!

      • Gloria Jensma says:

        Is anyone else working through the 21 Day Habits Class?
        I really, really love the course and am benefitting so much from the new habits set in place. I just finished Day 16 where Christine encourages “like-minded” people to connect with each other. I don’t know anyone else going through the online class.I think my experience would be enhanced by talking with others who are going through the same journey.

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