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The Sweet Spot Manifesto - Christine Carter

Happiness Tip: Find a Manifesto (Free Download)

Before I wrote The Sweet Spot, I needed a manifesto — something to organize my passion for the project. I started keeping lists of phrases and pieces of advice that captured my thoughts. When I was done writing the book, it was fun to go back and look at all the little lists and edit them down into this manifesto. I hope you are inspired to download the beautiful printable version my publisher created.

If this manifesto doesn’t do it for you, find one that does! Or create your own. Having go-to sources for inspiration and motivation can guide us towards those thoughts and behaviors that bring us the most meaning, fulfillment, and satisfaction.

The Sweet Spot Manifesto

Life might be short, or it might be long. Either way, better to enjoy it.
If you are tired, rest.
If you can’t solve a problem, take a walk.
If you feel overwhelmed, stop checking your phone.
Forgive yourself, again.
Focus on the journey, not the achievement.
More is not necessarily better.
Learn to apologize.
Repair your mistakes.
Let yourself feel what you feel.
Smile at the barista.
Chat with folks on the train.
Chase meaning, not happiness.
Look for opportunities to show compassion and generosity.
Develop good habits; you won’t need so much willpower that way.
Consider that your worry isn’t legitimate.
Say no strategically.
Say yes with abandon.
Accept that you’re divergent. Go with it.
Embrace the better-than-nothing plan.
Remember when you’ve been brave before.
Understand that happiness is only the cart; love is the horse.

Click here to download your own printable Sweet Spot Manifesto. 

Photo courtesy of Jon Jordan.

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