1. Gloria Jensma says:

    I surprise myself at how often I am consciously (mindfully!) aware of how grateful I am to turn a faucet and be rewarded with hot water. I grew up in the midwest more than a few decades ago. We heated dishpans of water on the stove for a bath. In the summer when I went into town to the public pool, we were required to rinse off in a shower before entering the pool. Step in, turn the faucet – hot water! I LOVED it and to this day I can feel the pleasure that stream of hot water would bring. And still feel the guilt that I was overstaying my time for what was supposed to be a quick rinse off.
    I was thinking these thoughts as I showered a few days ago. I was overcome with gratitude when I thought of the way too many millions of people who don’t have hot water, or a space to shower or bath, or even have access to clean water.
    I never, never, never want to take for granted my incredibly good fortune to live my life in a place that allows me a hot shower 24/7. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the powers that be!

  2. Gloria Jensma says:

    Here I am again! Helloooooo….

    Yesterday I received my first day’s assignment for the 21 Day Cracking the Habit Code series. I was to sketch a draft of a whole day’s routine, which I did. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with my “homework.” I attached it to an email to the aweber addy but got it back. So I sent it to the admin addy and to Christines email address. Hopefully someone will let me know the proper channel.

    The Sweet Spot has already enabled me to do something I’ve been trying to do for the last couple years: add both a 8 – 10 minute morning stretch followed by an 8 minute routine of two resistance exercises! I started reading the book last Monday so this morning was the sixth morning – woo hoo! I’m also working my way through all the drawers in my house. Yesterday I found a God Box. Does anyone remember those??? I don’t know how old it is, but OLD! The cards in this one has spiritual thoughts rather than Bible verses. I’ve been kind of floundering around on meditation. This morning I picked a card from the box, read the thought on it, closed my eyes and spent some moments in what I’m going to call my meditaion.

    Well,fellow and sister travelers on the Sweet Spot journey, I hope I hear from someone. I’d love to share the path with you.
    BTW, I haven’t been able to get my avitar up. Any suggestions?

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