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Confessions of a Bad Exerciser

So this is fun if you are looking for a little break from politics, pandemics, and all the other craziness: Yesterday my latest TEDx talk went up on TED.com!

If you’re like me, your daily routines have been upended again and again in the last six months. Back in March, I had grand plans to train for a half marathon, write my next book, and learn to speak Spanish. Go ahead: Guffaw. When I look back on my early ambitions, I can’t help but laugh!

My TEDxMarin talk Confessions of a Bad Exerciser is a look at what daily life has actually been like. (Hint: There has been no half marathon. But I am exercising, writing, and learning!) I hope this talk gives you a few realistic ideas about how to establish some healthy routines in this tumultuous time.