Executive Coaching

I help high-achievers craft sustainable, joyful lives as leaders. 

My coaching is fast-paced: I take a no-holds-barred approach to resolving what is holding you back so that you can move forward quickly.

Together we’ll transform the way you utilize stress and manage the pressure of your full life. My clients improve the way they influence, motivate, and communicate with the people around them — and that dramatically shifts the way they lead and manage others.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Energy and attention management
  • Stress management and work/life balance
  • Resilience, happiness, and well-being
  • Overcoming “imposter syndrome”
  • Authentic and courageous leadership
  • Habit development and goal setting

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Sustaining High Performance | Redesigning Work

Leading during these uncertain times requires a special skillset.

Living with uncertainty is hard, and leading through it is even harder. In difficult times like these, effective leaders don’t have all the answers. But they do stand out for their presence, their focus on desired outcomes, and their ability to find meaning amidst the chaos. Research shows that leaders who trust and empower others, for example, have the most productive, creative, and high-functioning teams. They get results.

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Women in Leadership

I have coached hundreds of women in leadership roles, from school principles to CEOs to new managers.

Women have always faced a unique set of challenges in the workplace. They are often held to higher standards than their male counterparts. They frequently feel reluctant to “toot their own horn,” for fear of coming off as arrogant, but then are disappointed when others fail to notice their achievements. And many high-achieving women needlessly suffer from “imposter syndrome.”

At the same time, women must fight persistent gender stereotypes and manage many — sometimes conflicting — roles at home and at work. Unfortunately, research is showing that the global pandemic is adding additional stressors to working women.

I teach my clients how to be confident without feeling phony, to take risks and step into the limelight, to balance their work with their personal lives, and to see all the ways in which they are already doing enough.

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Combining scientific research and practical application, I offer my clients strategies to cope with modern pressures and tactics to truly thrive.

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Christine’s coaching changed my life.

I work with computers every day and learning how to set boundaries for myself, rethink how I manage my business and my workflow, and freeing up my time so I can focus on my true potential has really made a huge difference.

Thank you so much for helping me to build structures that let me take control of my life and find more happiness as well.”

It’s been very helpful–more than I expected.

Dr. Carter has helped me figure out priorities and start setting a more reasonable task list, help me realize self-care isn’t selfish, find ways to get enough sleep, strategize ways to say no and be able to evaluate whether something is a ‘should do’ and how to deal with ‘should do’s’.”