Raise Amazing Humans

I offer parents road-tested, science-based strategies for raising happy, healthy, and successful kids from grade school through college.

Get practical guidance for:

  • providing the support and structure kids need (while still giving them the autonomy they seek)
  • influencing and motivating kids who aren’t fulfilling their potential academically
  • parenting teens and college students who are stressed, struggling, or unhappy
  • strengthening your family by fostering character, keystone habits, and your family’s core values

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Building Strong Families Across Generations

Do you wish your family felt more connected? Want to better understand your family’s core strengths or what makes individual family members tick?

Learn practical strategies for improving your family’s communication, cohesion, and well-being. Engage in a discovery process to identify your family’s “values in action,” and while you are at it learn more about your own signature character strengths!

We’ll discuss how to use your new understanding to foster stronger bonds between family members, and I’ll walk you through how to apply your family’s strength profile to create more meaningful family routines traditions.

Coaching for Families of Wealth

Growing up in a wealthy family can mean paying a price for privilege — from frustrating feelings of entitlement, to failure to engage in school, to trouble finding meaningful work.

Many children of wealth (of any age, even adults) struggle with how best to engage in productive, fulfilling, and creative lives. Fortunately, research has long helped us understand the core components of self-motivation and the science of a meaningful life. Families with substantial wealth face unique obstacles to wellbeing, and an experienced coach can help you better understand and navigate these challenges.

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Christine Carter is smart, witty, and real.

And she knows her stuff. Her tips and practices not only help me be a better parent but a happier person too. And a happier Daddy makes for a happier family. Trust me.”

Robert, Father of two

So much wisdom and empathy,

All based in real science. My children owe Christine Carter big time.”

– Kelly Corrigan, author of The Middle Place, Lift, and Tell Me More

Combining scientific research and practical application, I offer my clients strategies to cope with modern pressures and tactics to truly thrive.

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