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The Raising Happiness community is comprised of parents, grandparents, teachers, couples, caregivers, aunties, and uncles, all of whom want to bring more joy into their own lives–and into the lives of their kids, partners, spouses, students, schools, and communities.

There are three interactive components to our our community:

The Blog

Join the discussion around a range of happiness-related topics, or find (and contribute!) sources of inspiration.

The Quiz

There are things we can all do that will result in greater happiness right away: for ourselves AND for our children.  Where is your low-hanging fruit?  What small tweak can you make this week that will result in greater happiness all year?  Take our quiz to find out.

Happiness Pledge

Happiness is hugely contagious: we are all affected by the happiness of our neighbors, friends, and relatives.  For example, when one of our friends becomes happier, the odds that we will be happy increase by about 9%!  Join people from 49 states and 34 countries by taking the Happiness Pledge — and by encouraging those around you to join, too. Check it out!