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  1. Eileen says:

    Over the first two weeks of the class I was really busy preparing for a big event. Somehow keeping up with my new tiny habits and working toward the resolution helped keep me focused and energized.

    After the event, things calmed down, my to-do list shrunk and it “should” have become easier to focus on building these habits. I had purposefully left the week pretty open in the calendar because I knew I had some big emotions that were due for attention. I thought it would be easier to focus on the habits with more free time BUT learned first hand that grief can drain willpower.

    I really appreciated the advice from “Day 17” and used the instructions to feel where the emotions were appearing in my body and label them. This advice came at a time when I was ready to “lean-in” to those feelings.

    One element that helped me feel like I hadn’t fallen off the wagon was the idea of a baseline goal. I didn’t need to have a perfect pre-planned meal on the table… I just needed to check my calendar to see my plan for dinner before 6:30pm. Ordering in didn’t feel like a failure but an acknowledgment that it had been a tough week. Thank you!

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