Want to know what my best happiness advice is? It’s all here! I had the opportunity to fill in for someone who couldn’t make it last minute at TEDx ThacherSchool. It was SO fun; I got to say whatever I wanted. This is basically me giving advice to my teenage self. Here’s the TEDx video description:

Christine Carter studies human happiness — and what holds us back from living our most joyful lives. In a personal, eyebrow-raising talk, she shares the surprising secret to feeling fulfilled. This is a talk to share with anyone addicted to social media.”

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  • LVS

    I’m not too sure about all of this. I think that sometimes, we do need to put on a certain face or behaviour in order to smooth relationships and social connections with others. We live in a society that functions on our care and consideration of each other. For example, my son recently got in to “trouble” at school because he had a big tantrum over how he felt he was treated by other kids, and then spent the next two days reading in class, ignoring his teachers when they asked him to put the book away, and didn’t do any work or participate in any class activities. One might say that this was “integrity” – he was being his authentic self – but he does need to consider the impact that his behaviour has on others and the world around him, and the potential consequences to himself in the short and long term. So yes, I would expect that he needs to moderate his behaviour in order to get along in society and make the world a better place for everyone. He might have been “living his truth” but it was causing problems for others, as well as himself.