About Raising Happiness

Do you have 20 minutes a week for happiness?

The Raising Happiness Class is a fun online parenting class designed for busy parents. Our focus is on developing happiness habits: practices, beliefs, and behaviors likely to bring more joy into our own lives and the lives of our children.


What You Will Get From The Raising Happiness Class

  • Practical skills for raising kids who are happy now and in the future
  • Greater happiness yourself—both as a parent and an individual
  • Ways to raise children’s emotional intelligence and school performance

How it Works

  • 20-minute video classes can be watched whenever you have a free moment–on your computer, iPad, iPhone (you can also listen to the audio on your iPod or other player)
  • Every Monday morning, you’ll get an email with your new video and an outline of the week’s practice.
  • Meet with a discussion group in your area, or talk with a “happiness buddy” on the phone.
  • Participate in live coaching calls and a lively online discussion: your toughest parenting questions answered!

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Earn Money For Your School!

We encourage all participants to join the Class with a friend or as part of a parent group–people are better at changing their habits when they have social support!  School-hosted discussion groups have special benefits: read more here.

Dr. Carter feels so strongly about this that if you take this class as part of a pair or a group, she will DONATE 10% of your tuition back to your child’s school or the organization of your choice.