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Happiness and Work-Life Balance Are Goals Many People Strive for — with Limited Success

Combining scientific research and practical application, Dr. Christine Carter offers audiences not just a way to cope with modern pressures, but a way to truly thrive. Speaking to executives, general audiences and working parents, Dr. Carter looks at living life from our “sweet spot” — that place of both power and ease.

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Praise for Dr. Carter 

“The feedback from the team was overwhelmingly positive, (which says a lot given the group leans towards the more cynical).

The framework was perfect and folks felt like they had tangible ways to make improvements.”

 – Christine Kim, YouTube

Praise for Dr. Carter 

“She was warm, funny, very knowledgeable, and practical.”

 – Elicia Newcom Gregory, Director, Marketing Norton Healthcare

Praise for Dr. Carter 

“To any entrepreneur, man or woman alike, Dr. Carter’s message should be an “aha” moment in our modern society. We’re simply not fulfilling our full potential. We’ve been raised to believe that people are only successful when they’re constantly making their most powerful effort. When in fact we should be searching for our effortless power – that elusive “thing” Dr. Carter so elegantly explains as our Sweet Spot.”  
– Joe Steuter, Vice President, Marketing Communication, Carson Group, Excell, a national conference for growth-minded financial advisors

Praise for Dr. Carter 

“I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Dr. Carter’s presentation at the Toigo Foundation. It was great to hear the recent relevant research that she shared as well as her own personal experiences. Thank you for the work that you do — we can’t get enough advice about how to be happy and how to help others do the same”  
– S. Blake-Beard

Praise for Dr. Carter 

“Dr. Carter brought the house down, got a standing ovation, and made us HAPPY. Beautiful evening.”
 – Sara Flitner, Board of Directors, CLIMB Wyoming

Praise for Dr. Carter 

“Dr. Carter joined us for a senior leader program and enlightened the group with how to find their flow. She’s passionate, funny and real. Her personal stories allowed the group to develop connections to her, and realize similarities in themselves and each other. Everyone left inspired to make positive changes to their lives, and even better, with concrete tips about how to do so.”  
– Shawna McDonald, Executive Development, Google

Praise for Dr. Carter 

“Dr. Carter is a skillful speaker. Her stories are personal and filled with practical advice. She’s engaging, thoughtful and very persuasive.” 
– Stacey Clark O’Hara, Juniper Networks

Praise for Dr. Carter 

“What you can’t see [in our amazingly positive evaluation/survey results] are the wonderful conversations that continue to be generated throughout the Glenbard community — in our school buildings and our homes. Dr. Carter we are grateful for you!!” 
– Gilda Ross, Glenbard School District Student Ed Community Projects Coordinator

Praise for Dr. Carter 

“We loved your speech and you were a total hit. You did a fabulous job! Your speech was fascinating and centrally important. It received universal praise. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!”  
– Michael Mulligan, Head of The Thacher School, in response to a commencement speech

Praise for Dr. Carter 

“Christine translated years of sociology research into pragmatic frameworks on how to grow meaningful relationships in our life. She exceeded my expectations and delivered material that I use both in professional life as a leadership coach and in my personal life.”
 – Katia Verresen, KVA Leadership, Sausalito, California

Dr. Christine Carter

Christine Carter, PhDCHRISTINE CARTER, PhD is a sociologist and senior fellow at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. The author of best-selling books The Sweet Spot and Raising Happiness, Carter draws on what psychology, sociology, and neuroscience teach us about confidence, gratefulness, and optimism in children. Using her own chaotic and often hilarious real-world adventures as a mom to demonstrate do’s and dont’s in action, Carter will teach you how to raise more joyful kids and be happier yourself.

A sought-after keynote speaker and executive coach, she also writes an award-winning blog, which is frequently syndicated on Huffington Post, Greater Good, US News & World Report,,, and several other websites.