I help people lead their most fulfilling, creative, joyful, and productive lives.

Are you enjoying the life you’ve worked so hard to create?

Do you feel busy and overwhelmed a lot of the time?

Are you fulfilling your potential?

I currently have a waitlist for coaching clients, but if you complete this form to join our waitlist. Once every three months or so, I reach out to people on the list with more information about my coaching practice. If you are still interested at that point, you’ll be able to schedule a free 20 minute consultation. I often work with people in short bursts (about 12 weeks), in part so that I can work with more clients in a given year.


I specialize in:

  • Executives, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders

  • Anyone who feels “stuck” in a less-than-ideal life or work situation

  • Helping working parents succeed both at work and at home

  • People who need help working less, or unplugging from their smartphone, computer

  • Millennials and more recent college graduates

  • Coaching for parents who need help putting Raising Happiness into action


In addition, please feel free to contact the following recommended coaches:


Parent Coach: Zin uses the Raising Happiness online class as the basis of her parent coaching.

Tamazin Heher, MSW


Local Therapist & Coach: Lindsey specializes in solution-oriented coaching and therapy, and is great for college students and recent graduates.

Lindsey Antin, M.A., MFT
2709 Alcatraz Avenue, Berkeley 94705


Life Coach: If you are looking for a lower price-tag. Kendra has provided individual coaching at my retreats.

Kendra Perry