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How to Help Teens Deal with Stress

We think we are helping our kids when we rush in to protect them from disappointment and difficulty. Still, when we do so, we are basically teaching them that they can’t handle challenges on their own. This probably is true if they’ve never dealt with difficulty independently; teens who always have problems solved for them don’t know how to solve problems themselves.

This free eBook will show you how to teach the teens in your life how they can solve their problems—and manage their own stress—themselves.

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Sample Teen Contracts

Sometimes it helps to be super explicit with your kids about your expectations—this is a part of the scaffolding discussed in chapter two of The New Adolescence. Even though it will likely annoy them to no end, creating a contract with your kids can be a way to be really, really clear about your family rules and your own expectations.

These are sample contracts that people often ask me for. Feel free to adapt and make them your own.

And, for the record, these contracts aren’t even really mine. Many years ago, I started collecting contracts like these from other parents. What you see below is my patchwork of excerpts from things that other parents wrote. Consider these contracts crowdsourced from your village of fellow parents.

The New Adolescence is now available for pre-order. Learn more here.

Sample Driving Contract

Sample Technology Contract

How to Gain an Extra Day Each Week eBook

How to Gain An Extra Day Each Week eBook

This exclusive eBook is totally free and will leave you with practical results so that you can generate more time for the things that matter most to you. Don’t continue feeling starved for time. This is your starting point to regaining an entire 10-hour workday — or MORE — each week! Subscribe to my free newsletter and we’ll send it to you!

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The Sweet Spot Downloads

I hope you enjoy these downloadable prints from The Sweet Spot.

7 Ways to Enjoy Today - Dr. Christine Carter

7 Ways to Enjoy Today

This list of 7 simple things can help you to enjoy today (and tomorrow) more.

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9 Ways to Ease Overwhelm - Dr. Christine Carter
9 Ways to Ease Overwhelm
These 9 simple stress management techniques may help you live a more stress-free lifestyle.

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7 Ways to Feel More Loved - Dr. Christine Carter
7 Ways to Feel More Loved
Enjoy these 7 different ways to feel more loved and connected with those around you.

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