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Dr. Christine Carter is a leading happiness expert and an inspiring speaker. She offers important insights about the ways that families, schools, and businesses can structure themselves to promote well-being, emotional intelligence, and happiness. She speaks on a wide range of topics, always drawing on the latest and most credible brain and social science.

A sociologist at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and the author of Raising Happiness, Dr. Carter’s talks have been called “transformative,” “life-changing” and “phenomenal.”

To schedule Dr. Christine Carter for a speaking engagement:

School and community organizations, please contact Marielle Reading (510-550-5250).

Corporate clients, please contact Josh White (617-614-1648).

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Example Topics

Raising Happiness: Tips for Kids Who Are Grateful, Gritty, and Successful
Drawing on what psychology, sociology, and neuroscience have shown about confidence, gratitude, and grit – and using her own chaotic and often hilarious real-world adventures to demonstrate dos and don’ts in action – Christine Carter, PhD, gives parents and teachers practical tips for creating families, schools, and communities that nurture happy children.

She’ll discuss:

  • The relationship between grit, perfectionism, and elite performance.
  • Why our beliefs about why we are successful (or not) predict how well we fare in the face of adversity.
  • How to foster gratitude in kids for all they have, and help them combat feelings of entitlement, self-centeredness, and anxiety.

Christine Carter, PhD will teach your school or parent group how to raise children’s emotional intelligence — and their happiness, of course! — and help them grow into joyful and successful adults.

How to be Courageous
What do courageous people have that timid people don’t? What makes one person brave adversity, while others give up? New social science and brain research indicates that courage is better thought of as a skill anyone can develop than an in-born personality trait.

Dr. Carter will transform the way you think about change and adversity. In this program she shares five simple (but not always easy) practices for facing fear with courage, inspiration, and grit–rooted in the latest scientific research. She’ll discuss:

  • The relationship between grit, courage, heroism and vulnerability. (Hint: It’s a big fat myth that vulnerability = weakness.)
  • Why do you believe that you are successful (or not)? How you answer this question predicts how well you’ll fare in the face of adversity–and why you might want to change your mind.
  • How to recover from mistakes and setbacks in a way that will make you more powerful, productive, successful, and happy than before.

Breakthrough: What you need to be productive, successful, and happy
UC Berkeley sociologist and happiness expert Dr. Christine Carter will transform your organization by changing how people think about happiness, productivity, and their own achievement.

This talk is a multi-media crash course in the neuroscience behind positive emotions, willpower, and creativity. Participants learn fun and inspiring techniques for harnessing our brain’s natural inclination towards habitual behavior. They also learn how and why stress reduces productivity in organizations and several — surprisingly easy and shockingly impactful — ways to reduce feelings of overwhelm and increase a sense of balance.

Although this talk is most popular as a keynote speech for large audiences, Dr. Carter has also created full- and half-day trainings so that organizations can dive more deeply into the principles and practices she teaches. Participants leave with simple but powerful tools for becoming more innovative, productive, and joyful both at work and at home.

What You Get When You Give

What motivates people to be caring or generous? Is kindness actually a skill that we can teach ourselves? And what do we get when we give? Dr. Christine Carter, sociologist and happiness expert at the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, explains what skills you need to benefit from kindness. She’ll talk about how and why kindness promotes health and happiness, teaching us how to build “kindness skills” in ourselves, our children, and our employees.

Resiliency Through Change: Leadership Essentials
What do resilient people have that others don’t? What makes some people fear failure and hide their mistakes, while others embrace their blunders as opportunities to learn and do better the next time? New social science and brain research shows us how we can live and work from our “sweet spot” — that place of both power and ease.

Dr. Carter will transform the way you think about stress, adversity, and busyness. In this program she shares three simple practices for fostering resilience–-all rooted in the latest scientific research. She’ll discuss:

  • A one-minute technique to become a creative and energetic problem-solver in the midst of a stressful day, week, or year.
  • Why our beliefs about why we are successful (or not) predict how well we fare in the face of adversity.
  • A simple but counter-intutitive technique that will make you feel more connected, powerful, productive, successful, and happy.

Other possible topics include:

  • Five Happiness Mistakes People Make — and How to Avoid Them
  • Using Praise to Increase Success, Productivity, and Engagement
  • The Three Most Important Skills for a Life Well-Lived

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Use Dr. Carter’s visit to create a happiness movement within your community! Read about the Friends’ School “gratitude project” which they launched with Dr. Carter’s visit and keynote speech.

To schedule Dr. Christine Carter for a speaking engagement:

Schools, Communities and Church Organizations:
Please contact Marielle Reading at (510) 550-5250.

Corporate Clients:
Please contact Josh White at (617) 614-1648.

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