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How to Achieve More by Doing Less

Presenting the latest research on productivity, emotional health, and peak performance, Christine demonstrates a sweet paradox: by doing less we can accomplish more. Using surprising science and lively anecdotal evidence, she offers a game-changing plan for mitigating stress, increasing wellbeing, and expanding the amount of time we have to get things done.

Science-based Strategies for Happier and Healthier Habits

Research shows that 40% of what we do every day we do out of habit. Many people think that habits are hard to create, and they can be, especially if you don’t know the basic brain mechanics behind habit formation. Here’s the good news: habit creation is a skill like any other. In this talk, Christine teaches the basics of habit creation so teams can re-engineer their daily routines for optimal health, happiness, and success.

Focus: Superpower of the 21st Century

Successful people are able to turn away from instant gratification and shallow pursuits to think deeply — without being overwhelmed. Christine teaches three strategies from brain science to truly focus—to drop into “the zone” at work, on the athletic field, performance stage, or at home, so that we can truly enjoy lives we’ve worked so hard to create.

Resilience Through Change: Leadership Essentials

What do resilient people have that others don’t? What makes some people fear failure and hide their mistakes, while others embrace their blunders as opportunities to learn and do better the next time? New social science and brain research shows us how we can live and work from our “sweet spot” — that place of both power and ease. Christine shares three simple practices for fostering resilience–-all rooted in the latest scientific research.

Want the Secret to Happiness? Counterintuitive Advice for More Joy at Work and Home

Dr. Carter will transform the way you think about happiness, fulfillment, and achievement. In this keynote she shares three core skills for a life well-lived, rooted in the latest scientific research. For example, she’ll explain how numbing our feelings (with social media, food, busyness, etc.) tends to make us more anxious, not less, and why letting ourselves feel difficult emotions tends to lead to greater joy and contentment.

A sought after speaker and sociologist at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, and the author of Raising Happiness and The Sweet Spot, Dr. Christine Carter’s talks have been called “transformative,” “life-changing” and “phenomenal.”