Greater Happiness in 5 Minutes a Day

Understanding the incredible power of loving-kindness meditation.

Want a quick hit of happiness? Research demonstrates the incredible power of loving-kindness meditation; in fact, this simple practice might be more effective than Prozac. Also called metta, loving-kindness meditation is the simple practice of directing well-wishes towards other people. Loving-kindness meditation does far more than produce momentary good feelings. Over a nine week period, research […]

Why We Aren’t as Good at Saving the Earth as We Want to Be

Three brain traps that make us wasteful and how to outsmart them.


A little while ago at a birthday soiree, I got to sit across from one of UC Berkeley’s cutting-edge ocean researchers. I asked him to explain to me how climate change is affecting fish populations, and he responded by saying that “climate change is happening too slowly.” He lamented that while it is true that marine […]

Confessions of a Bad Meditator

I know meditation is good for me--but I've avoided it for 30 years. Here’s why.

When I was in high school, my advisor, Michael Mulligan, called my parents to recommend a special treatment for my anxiety: Transcendental Meditation (“TM”). I was a high-achieving perfectionist so anxious, at times, that I had stress-induced asthma. Mr. Mulligan was not then, and is not now, a new-age spiritual seeker. He is a dyed-in-the-wool New […]

Want to know what my best happiness advice is? It’s all here! I had the opportunity to fill in for someone who couldn’t make it last minute at TEDx ThacherSchool. It was SO fun; I got to say whatever I wanted. This is basically me giving advice to my teenage self. Here’s the TEDx video description:

Christine Carter studies human happiness — and what holds us back from living our most joyful lives. In a personal, eyebrow-raising talk, she shares the surprising secret to feeling fulfilled. This is a talk to share with anyone addicted to social media.”

Two days after her husband of 67 years passed away, Norma was informed that she had uterine cancer and the treatment options included surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Norma looked the doctor in the eye and said, “I’m 90 years old, I’m hitting the road.”  Instead of chemo and radiation, she spent the last year of her life seeing places she’d never seen, doing things she’d never done, like getting a pedicure and riding in a hot air balloon. She is a true inspiration.

10 Conversation Starters for Talking to Teens About Sex

Rather than broaching the topic just once, it’s important to have an ongoing dialogue.

Personally, I would love it if we could just have one “sex talk” with our kids and be done with it. Or, it would be great if they could just learn what they need to know about sex from their school’s puberty unit in science class. But no such luck. Experts recommend that we talk […]