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How Life Coaching Works in a Group

Brave Over Perfect group life coaching is designed to guide you to clarify your goals, identify obstacles, improve your relationships, feel more joyful, and achieve the results you've always wanted.   

The foundation of group life coaching is the 60-minute coaching call. This is where I teach, answer questions, and coach individuals. You can participate in these calls actively by being coached, or you can submit your questions and listen to the call recordings the way you might listen to a virtual class.   

  • If you have questions in between life coaching calls, ask them online.      
  • Listen to recordings of life coaching calls if you can't attend live.   
  • Study Guides point you to quick practices, articles, and videos on how to be happy.

Participants are busy professionals and parents. With each life coaching call, you'll learn research-based strategies that will change the way you work, parent, and connect with others.


November Call Details
All live coaching calls are recorded - new members are welcome to join in at any time.

Call # 2: How to Focus - Instructions for the 21st Century 

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018
at 12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern

How to drop into a "flow" state (or get in "the zone") without even trying.

September Call Details

Call recordings and materials remain available through October 31st.

 Call # 3: How to Say No and Still be Loved by All

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018 
at 12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern

Learning to fiercely (and charmingly!) protect what matters most to you.

Call # 1: How to Only Do the Stuff You Actually Want to Do

Friday, September 7th, 2018
at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern

Let's start by setting ourselves up to actually live by our highest priorities. 

Call # 2: Navigating Difficulty (and Difficult People) Over the Holidays

Friday, November 16th, 2018
at 12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00pm Eastern

Many adults love the idea of the holidays more than their actual experience of them. This year, let’s change that.

Call # 3: What to do When Things Feel Uncertain 

Friday, November 30th, 2018
at 12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00pm Eastern

Finding comfort in discomfort. 

Call # 1: Tapping into Your Intuitive Wisdom 

Friday, November 2nd, 2018
at 12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00pm Eastern

Learn to make decisions in a way that is energizing rather than exhausting.

Membership is only $20!

 Q: WHO is this for? 
People interested in leading more meaningful, authentic & joyful lives.

 Q: WHAT is included? 
Three 90-minute coaching calls every other month that include instruction and group coaching, plus a vibrant online community. 

 Q: WHEN does coaching take place? 
Three online and on live calls (see call schedule below). If you can't join calls, listen to recordings and receive online coaching.

Ready to learn how to live with more courage, acceptance, joy, presence, self-compassion, gratitude, and authenticity?

"What I like most about this program is that I am empowered with the perspective and life tools I need. It's just like my fitness program, except I am working my brave muscles to get stronger.  Brave is energizing. Perfect was so exhausting. Brave is a new way of life."

Maureen K.
Coaching client, 
Chief Marketing Officer, wife, mother of two

Brave Over Perfect Coaching is an effective and affordable way to learn how to live with more courage, acceptance, joy, presence, self-compassion, gratitude, and authenticity. 


Life is hectic and uncertain. You don’t have to be. 

 Only $10 per month

 Membership is only $20!

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"I like the mix of live coaching and teaching. The calls are the right length of time. I'm very glad I signed up for the Brave Over Perfect group coaching!"

"I'm finding the calls very useful. Christine has a voice and energy that doesn't put me to sleep... I like the way she answers questions, explains the material, coaches, and then answers more questions. It's an outstanding way to keep one's attention and focus."

"10/10 Rating!"

"The calls are really fun and valuable... I love them!"

What's Included?

Online Learning
The online classroom is loaded with written and video instruction, if you'd like to get started on how to be happy before the calls or go deeper after them.

Online Coaching
Have a question between calls? Post it in the  classroom for me to answer online. 
Self Study Guide
Loaded with easy resources for deepening your learning in between life coaching calls if you are looking for more ways to engage.
Live Calls
Each call lasts 60 minutes. In-depth instruction + group coaching.

"The most important thing I learned is that I don't have to conquer a mountain every day to have value.  I love your practical, down to earth approach."  - Jennifer

Words of Praise

"I loved everything about the course!"

"Life changing."

"I experienced burnout in September of 2016...I learned how to balance my work and personal life through a great scheduling model, self-care, detox from technology, focus on my priorities and manage my time, so much better than before."  - Kolya

"Words cannot convey how grateful I am."

"[Dr. Carter's] online classes have changed my life in so many meaningful and positive ways. Each class captivates me with interesting science-based, practical tips."   - Melanie


"I have never really participated in an online community like this, and I have to say it is incredibly inspirational. I feel honored to be in the company of such honest, thoughtful, self-aware people." - Lisa

Think you're too busy to take a break?

This kind of life coaching is an awesome way to invest in yourself that won't take much time or effort. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I receive life coaching if other people are on the phone?

A: Press *6 and I will call on you. You can also submit your question through the discussions platform in the classroom or on the private Slack channel.

Q: Is there an intake interview or some other way that you get to know me before the calls?
A: Yes. We will send you a brief survey, and ask that you introduce yourself to the coaching group online before the calls.

Q: Is there a lot of homework?

A: No! You can do as much or as little work as you want. This is designed for busy people.

Q: If I miss a call, how do I access the life coaching call recordings? 

A: Through the online classroom or on the private Slack channel.

Q: Is it confidential?

A: What is said in the group, stays in the group. You don’t have to reveal anything. You don’t even have to speak. It’s totally worth it just to hop on the calls and listen. 

Q: Who is life coaching in a group for?

A: Brave Over Perfect Group Coaching is for people who are interested in personal growth and who want something easier—and more effective—than reading a self-help book. The type of life coaching I do tends to make people:

  • More insightful about their lives and the things that are holding them back
  • More productive and efficient—and less anxious, time-starved, and stressed
  • More joyful and fulfilled

In the last year, my clients have moved into more fulfilling careers. They’ve worked out more peaceful routines at home. They’ve become less stressed and more joyful. Some have begun exercising and meditating regularly. Others have gone from crazy busy to hugely creative. 

My goal is always to give YOU the tools you need to change yourself, so you can eventually act as your own happiness coach.

Q: How do I listen to recordings from past themes?

A: Recordings are available for as long as the theme is “live,” and then are taken down. This helps us keep our group more intimate and confidential—and it helps us focus our discussion and learning on the current theme.

Q: What happens in the months when there are no life coaching calls?

A: The “off” months—when there are no life coaching callsare for integrating what we learned in the previous month. The discussions continue for those who are interested on our Slack channel and in the online classroom, and I also answer questions online in these months.

"The Group Coaching has helped me reconsider ways to make my 'must-do' tasks more enjoyable."

"I love the life coaching calls!"

Q: What's included?

A: Three 60-minute life coaching calls every other month that include instruction and group coaching, online resources (like videos and readings), and a vibrant online community. 

Q: I’m in a very different time zone, and I’m wondering if the coaching needs to be attended live. Can I tune in after it starts? Listen after it happens?

A: Group life coaching is very flexible. If you can't make the live calls, no worries. We make the recordings available for download. There is also a self-study guide so you can take yourself through the material at your own pace. You can participate as much or as little as you like there.  

In addition, we have a robust Slack channel (and discussion board in the classroom if you aren't on Slack) where I check in and do a little virtual coaching. People share their challenges and their successes in a supportive, creative space. 

Q: When does the life coaching take place? 

A: Three online and live calls (schedule posted above). If you can't join calls, listen to recordings and receive online life coaching.

Brave Over Perfect Life Coaching is an effective and affordable way to learn how to live with more courage, acceptance, joy, presence, self-compassion, gratitude, and authenticity. 


Life is hectic and uncertain. You don’t have to be. 

Habits & Resolutions
Call recordings and materials remain available through February 28.

Call #2:  Brain Tricks

Recording available now.

Using the neuroscience of habit formation, we'll make our resolutions so fun and rewarding that you'll never stop doing them (Really! Trust me, it can be done!)

Call #3: Troubleshooting

Recording available now.

We know isn't always going to go well. Why relapsing into old behaviors (and otherwise falling short) is actually important for your long-term success.

Call #1:  New Habits

Recording available now.

Together we'll set goals and make resolutions. We'll discuss what research shows about how to set yourself up for success. Bring your hopes for 2018 and I will coach you!

New Theme:  Love & Marriage
Take Your Relationships to the Next Level!
Each theme is aimed at helping you to be happy. Live your most joyful, intelligent, productive, and stress-free life!
Joyful Productivity

Find your flow! Remember how joyful focus and deep work can be? Ditch task-list overwhelm... forever!
Authentic Happiness 

Learn the 3 most effective happiness-boosting strategies from groundbreaking science. Plus some others I like a lot. 
Habits & Resolutions 

Drawing on the neuroscience of habit formation and goal-setting, let's finally make resolutions that stick!
Love & Marriage

We're gonna take our relationships to the next level, friends. Transform even the most challenging relationships. 
Spring Stress Detox

Are you tired of being tired? Longing for a real vacation? Desperate for some rest? Welcome to Spring Break. 
Navigating Difficult Situations
What are you afraid of? Hint: It's holding you back. Forget perfectionism. Forget about people pleasing. For real.

"This would be good for anyone!"

Life is stressful. That’s why Yale and Harvard's most popular classes are about how to live a happy life.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go to Harvard to gain what undergraduates are learning in their Science of Happiness classes. I can teach you the core skills of how to be happy in our life coaching group in less time (and for a lot less money) than in a typical online or lecture-based course.

Brave Over Perfect Group Coaching is fast, effective, and passes the Monday morning test (you can apply it immediately to your life).  Learn how to overcome the stress, perfectionism, and relationship conflicts that will prevent you from finding ease.

Space is limited but we are currently accepting new members. Join us!

May you be happy,

Why is GROUP life coaching so effective?

My coaching tools are all evidence- and research-based, and because of this, I’ve seen group life coaching massively change people’s lives in a very short period of time. 

When we listen to other people being coached, we have the opportunity to see what other people need to fix, and when we do that, we can start to see our own limiting beliefs and behaviors. From there, it’s a much shorter leap to making the type of changes in our lives that are going to really make a difference.

Why is it so affordable?  

Membership is $10 per month. There are no hidden costs, ads, or "up sells."  We’ve kept membership costs low deliberately. We want to make life coaching available to everyone.    

For each theme (which lasts two months and costs $20 total), you’ll receive three 60-minute live group life coaching calls and call recordings, a Study Guide, and entry to the private Slack channel and discussion forum.


Call #2: Misery Loves Expectations

What to do when our partners don’t measure up.

Call #3: What Are You Waiting For?

Get life coaching on how you can create the relationship you want.

Call #1: The Best Marriage Advice--Ever 

Research tells us a lot about what makes a relationship good.

Love & Marriage
Get instant access to call recordings

Call #2: The Digital Detox

Research-based techniques for dealing with discomfort and uncertainty—without feeling stressed.

Call #3: Thank You for Being Late

Embracing the art and science of stillness (without having a panic attack).

Call #1: Welcome to Your Spring Break 

Understanding mental and emotional fatigue, and the sociological forces that are making you tired.

Spring Stress Detox

Call recordings available through July.

Call #2: 

Pain is Inevitable; Suffering is Optional

Call #3: 

Ditching Drama (Yours, and Other Peoples’): Practical Strategies

Call #1:  

Living Your Truth


Authentic Happiness

Call recordings and materials remain available through September 30.

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