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March Podcasts: Happiness Matters

Here is a list of Happiness Matters Podcasts you may have missed in March:

Is Your Spouse Right for You?
In this podcast, Rona and I discuss the hard work of BEING the right partner, rather than always trying to FIND the right partner.

Does Your Teen Like Her Body?
Although there are lots of powerful, and often pernicious, forces at work in influencing our how our kids feel about food and their bodies, parents can be a very positive force in this arena. Rona and I discuss food, vulnerability, and embracing how our bodies change over the life span.

How Clean Is Your House?
Ways to think about housekeeping when you have kids in the house—so that it doesn’t drive you nuts, make you feel guilty, or consume too much time.

Can A Single Parent Raise Happy Kids?
Rona and I talk about our experiences being single parents: the difficulty, the guilt, and yes, the silver lining.

Check out my podcast Happiness Matters with Rona Renner either here on the Greater Good website, or here on iTunes. Happy listening!