I help people lead their
most fulfilling, joyful, 
and productive lives.

Live Your Best Life

As coach I’ve seen very different types of people struggle with similar challenges. They get overwhelmed. They have trouble saying no. They take care of others before they take care of themselves. They question their careers, their parenting, their marriages, and their priorities. They check their phones constantly (while avoiding what might be more meaningful).

And then they feel like they aren’t good enough. But even though life is hectic and uncertain, they know what they want. They want to:

  • Do meaningful work
  • Focus on what’s important
  • Have amazing relationships with our spouses, friends, and children

If this sounds like you, you’re an ideal candidate for personal coaching.

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Do Your Best Work

I help high-achievers craft sustainable, joyful lives as leaders. We work together to transform the way that they manage the stress of their careers and the pressure of their busy lives. My clients improve the way they influence, motivate, and communicate with the people around them — and that dramatically shifts the way they lead and manage others.

My coaching is fast-paced: I take a no-holds-barred approach to helping people identify and resolve what is holding them back so that they can move forward quickly.

Combining scientific research and practical application, I offer my clients strategoes to cope with modern pressures and tactics to truly thrive.

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Raise Amazing Humans

I offer parents road-tested, science-based strategies for raising happy, healthy, and successful kids from grade school through college.

I give parents practical guidance for:

  • providing the support and structure kids need (while still giving them the autonomy they seek)
  • influencing and motivating kids who aren’t fulfilling their potential academically
  • parenting teens and college students who are stressed, struggling, or unhappy
  • strengthening your family by fostering character, keystone habits, and your family’s core values

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Christine’s coaching changed my life.

I work with computers every day and learning how to set boundaries for myself, rethink how I manage my business and my workflow, and freeing up my time so I can focus on my true potential has really made a huge difference.

Thank you so much for helping me to build structures that let me take control of my life and find more happiness as well.”

It’s been very helpful–more than I expected.

Dr. Carter has helped me figure out priorities and start setting a more reasonable task list, help me realize self-care isn’t selfish, find ways to get enough sleep, strategize ways to say no and be able to evaluate whether something is a ‘should do’ and how to deal with ‘should do’s’.”

About Christine Carter

Christine Carter, Ph.D. began coaching corporate teams in 1998, with a focus on creativity and innovation. In 2006, she broadened her coaching focus to include individual clients using tools from positive psychology. In 2010, Carter began parent coaching as well. In the last 22 years, she has coached hundreds of people and led dozens of retreats and coaching workshops where she teaches science-based techniques for overcoming stress, perfectionism, and relationship conflicts. Her clients gain a heightened sense of control, deeper self-acceptance, and a greater ability to live their most authentic lives. Learn more about Dr. Carter here.