1. Alyson says:

    I like this idea / metaphor of creating a clear path and putting blinders on the elephant. The challenge for me will be that some of this pre-deciding and planning for the next day occurrs at the end of the day and that is precisely when I feel the most depleted, messes have exploded, kids are tired and hungry animals need to be cared for and I just want to fall into bed. In terms of applying this in a tiny habit way – I did decide that I need to eat something healthy before going to social events that may have unhealthy food choices available and limiting the amount of money I bring with me so I can’t buy something unhealthy while I am out. Also – engaging my community to hold me accountable if there is something there I really don’t want to eat. I have been doing fairly well in this program so far and can feel the effects of not having had a bunch of sugar for this period of time so that is rewarding in and of itself.

  2. Liz says:

    Some for me as for Alyson. It is a really good idea, *and* when too plan is a difficult thing to decide. If planning, which is about the most draining thing I do is scheduled for peak energy, then I may be at a very low ebb for hours afterwards. Maybe having a decision tree (so some things are predecided but depend on circumstances) and otherwise, “tiny-step” planning until the planning becomes habitual?

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