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Podcast Roundup: Happiness Matters

Here are this year’s Happiness Matters Podcasts — Rona and I are going to take a break from recording these podcasts for a little while while I work on another book. If you’ve just found this podcast, we encourage you to start at the beginning—there are over a hundred episodes on a wide range of topics. And if you’ve been listening for years, THANK YOU—from the bottom of our hearts. This podcast has been rewarding for us both because of listeners like you!

Fostering Creativity in Kids

We often think of creativity as being a personality trait rather than a skill that we can foster in our children. Which is it, really? Rona and I discuss how we can foster the ability to innovate in our kids—and why we might want to do this.

Looking for a Preschool?

It’s that time of year, when many parents are looking at preschools and try to make what is for some a very difficult decision. Rona and I discuss different preschool philosophies, and how to choose what is right for your child.

Fighting a lot?

Most spouses fight, but many do not know how to make-up in a way that repairs the relationship. Rona gives us a crash course in regaining trust and intimacy with a partner after we’ve been fighting.

Gratitude for Lovers

Whether or not you are a romantic person, and whether or not you like Valentine’s Day, here’s my favorite romantic thing to do.

How Hectic Are Your Mornings?

Rona and I are frequently asked how parents and caregivers can make morning routines go more smoothly. It’s pretty common to have a lot of stress, and even yelling, as we try to herd our children out the door for school or daycare. Rona reviews her best tips for making mornings more calm and less trying for everyone.

Making Sleep a Priority

Did you know how much children sleep affects how smart, creative, attentive, and happy they are—as well as how much they weigh?  Note: This recording was slightly affected by a software problem; please forgive the few “skips” you may detect.

Making New Year’s Resolutions?

What would you like to change in the New Year? What would your kids like to change? Making New Year’s resolutions can be a fun—and productive—family activity.

Check out my podcast Happiness Matters with Rona Renner either here on the Greater Good website, or here on iTunes. Happy listening!

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  1. monica kumar says:

    Dr. Carter – Happy Happiness Day! You are one of my happiness heroes. Thank you so much for your outstanding work – particularly with regards to children. I love that I have simple clear ways to engage my son in ways to manifest happiness. You are so appreciated! Monica

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