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Video: Growth vs. Fixed Mindsets

An overview of the most powerful mindsets — beliefs about why someone is successful or not — and why it’s essential for us to foster growth mindsets in kids.

Looking for more information on growth mindsets? In the Raising Happiness Homestudy, I share appropriate ways to praise children and how to develop grit, one of the greatest (research-proven) predictors of academic success.


  1. rob says:

    very good…..its easy to understand the difference and to see why the growth mindset is better. BUT…..how do you shift a kid who has a fixed mindset towards growth? I work with LOTS of kids who fit the fixed model………getting them moving in the other direction is VERY challenging.

    • Christine Carter says:

      Actually, there is some interesting research that shows how effective coaching can be in this area. Do you get my monthly newsletter? This month is going to be a round-up of mindset resources. If you want to sign up, enter your email in the Free Happiness Tips box above, and click on the monthly newsletter…

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