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Happiness Tip: Manufacture Happiness

Faking happiness often makes us feel worse, but there are loads of ways to feel better after we feel bad. (Before you try this, though, please read last week’s post about how to accept and deal with the negative feelings that you ultimately want to move past. Skip part one at your own peril.)

Here are some of my favorite ways:

  • Have a DANCE party.
  • LAUGH — I have a special episode of Modern Family that reliably makes me guffaw.
  • SLEEP negative feelings off.
  • Take a WALK.
  • PLAY with some FRIENDS.
  • Practice GRATITUDE.
  • Give out some HUGS.
  • Find some INSPIRATION in a favorite poem, vista, text, etc.

I expand on all of these ideas in this post.

Join the Discussion: What’s your favorite way to shake off a bad day, event, or mood? Share in the comments.