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7  Easy Things You Can Do to Enjoy Today (and Tomorrow) More

Photo by Tom Fahy

  1. Take a good old-fashioned recess in the middle of the day. For every 60-90 minutes that you focus, take a 10-15 break. Go outside and play! Or at least sit inside and daydream.
  2. Increase your ratio of positive to negative emotions by watching a silly youtube video, expressing gratitude to someone, or reading something inspiring. (Yes, you get credit for watching funny animal videos!)
  3. Establish a tiny time-saving habit. Put your keys by the door where you will be sure to find them. Set up your coffee machine at night. Sometimes a small effort today can have a big impact tomorrow! Allow yourself to feel gleeful when you succeed.
  4. Establish a happiness habit. Do a daily crossword puzzle if that does it for you. Read a favorite magazine at lunchtime. Throw the ball for your dog every morning. What would make you really happy if you did it every day?
  5. Take 10 minutes to do nothing. Unplug from your phones and computer. Sit down in a room where you can be alone. Stare into space. It’s fine if you feel bored — you’ll be more productive later.
  6. Smile at the barista and strike up a short conversation. Or with the people sharing your elevator. Or with the crossing-guard.
  7. Repair a minor crack in an important relationship. Call your mom and invite her to lunch, even though your last conversation with her was tense. Find something nice to say to your spouse, even though he can be frustrating.

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