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90 Days to a New Habit (that Sticks!)

Need help sticking to a new routine or setting goals that work? Enroll in my FREE 12 week coaching program.

A completely revised version of my most popular online class, 90 Days to a New Habit is now a FREE 12-week coaching program. You’ll also get a free workbook and access to a live Q&A to give you even more guidance and structure.

Why have I designed a ninety-day program for you? Because breaking habit creation into small, digestible chunks makes it less daunting—and that increases our odds of success. I feel pretty confident that if you pick the right habit (and I’ll guide you in picking the right habit) you’ll have it well established by the end of this program.

  • Move an activity from your “REALLY should be doing” list to a behavior you do so automatically you don’t have to think about it!
  • Learn to avoid common booby-traps hardwired into the human brain that make it difficult to keep your new habit.
  • This is a 12-week email and text based coaching program. It’s practical, do-able, and science-based.

Want to make REAL change? Do you make the same resolutions year in, year out — but they never seem to stick? Enroll in my new free class now!