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Take a Hike

My grandmother always told me that getting outside for a little walk could clear our heads and lift our spirits; now we have plenty of neuroscience to show that she was, of course, correct!

When we’ve been feeling angry or had a “fight or flight” response, physical activity can help us feel better by clearing the adrenaline out of our system.

Physical movement makes us happier, in part by fostering the neurochemicals in your body and brain that leave you happier and more relaxed. Doctors in the UK often prescribe exercise as a first-line treatment for depression it’s so effective!

Exercise may just be the best short-term happiness booster we know of #FindingFlow Share on XExercise may just be the best short-term happiness booster we know of.” username=”raisinghappines”]

The next time you start to feel anxious, get up and get moving. Like happiness researcher Sonja Lyubomirsky says: Exercise — even just a little walk around the block with the dog or the baby — may just be the best short-term happiness booster we know of.

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Photo courtesy of Jim Sorbie via Flickr.