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How to Inspire Behavior Change in Kids

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”
–Robert Louis Stevenson

Parenting Practice: Fostering Behavior Change

Think about the behavior you’d like your kids to change. How can you apply this week’s tips to it?

  • How can you help your kids clone a bright spot? (“What did you do yesterday, when you DIDN’T forget your homework?”)
  • Are you setting clear enough expectations? (“Don’t be so messy” vs. “Put your clothes in the hamper.”)
  • Can you appeal to a new identity? (“If you want to be like Taylor Swift, you’ll have to practice a lot more!”)
  • How can you appeal to emotions? (Evoking compassion for polar bears to encourage turning lights off.)
  • How can you change the environment? Remember, making an environmental change will be more effective than expecting self-control in many situations. (Move kids out of poking distance.)
  • What action triggers can you set? (As soon as you walk through the door, hang up your back pack.)

This video is the 4th in a series about boosting emotional intelligence from The Raising Happiness Homestudy. Check out the rest of the Homestudy here.


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