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Bring Back the Raising Happiness Habit Tracker!

This video is the 4th in a series about being happier as a parent from The Raising Happiness Homestudy. Watch the rest of the videos here.

“Things start as hopes and end up as habits.”
― Lillian Hellman


This Week’s Practice: Begin a New Habit

 Click here to download the habit tracker PDF

Knowing how to form a new habit and break an old one is a life-skill used again and again. This week, work on yourself first. (I know, it is tempting to want to fix other people first. Resist, for now.)

What habit would bring greater happiness into your life? If you aren’t sure, I recommend starting a daily exercise or meditation habit.

Here’s How to Use the Habit Tracker:

 (1) Put your big over-arching goal at the top.

(2) Choose one ridiculously easy turtle-step per week.

(3) Each day you take your turtle-step, mark the X. (Clearly this worksheet was designed for children. Embrace your inner-child while you do this.)

(4) If you do get Xs everyday (or every weekday, or each day the habit is relevant), give yourself a “whoot!” and move to the next turtle step next week.

(5) If you don’t take your turtle-step each day, c’est la vie. Next week: make the turtle-step even easier. Is your next step ridiculously easy?

I know, this seems slow and rather painstaking. Wouldn’t it be easier if we could just set our mind to something and then do it? Don’t be discouraged; we humans need time to make changes. Even though the turtle-steps are absurdly small, they are the beginning of big change.

 If you want to learn more about habit formation, this blog post will give you a little more of a foundation.

If you would like to download the audio version of this video to listen to in your car or on the go, click the link below.


This post is taken from “The Raising Happiness Homestudy,” an online course I created as a companion to my book Raising Happiness: 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful Kids and Happier Parents. I’m sharing one “class” from this online course per week here, on my blog. Want to see previous posts? Just click this Raising Happiness Homestudy tag. Enjoy!