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Raising Happiness Homestudy - Christine Carter
[endorsement photo=”https://mbotaswbcw-flywheel.netdna-ssl.com//www/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Lisa_Testimonial.jpeg” cite=”Lisa” byline=”Mother of two, Madison, Wisconsin”]Wow. I have never really participated in an online community like this, and I have to say it is incredibly inspirational. I feel honored to be in the company of such honest, thoughtful, self-aware people. [/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”https://www.christinecarter.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Nina_Silitch_175.jpg” cite=”Nina Silitch” byline=”World Cup Ski mountaineering athlete, mom of two boys, living an active, healthy, mountain lifestyle with a smile! (she became the first American to earn World Cup gold in ski mountaineering)”]I love the themes so far! This week especially! Namaste! [/endorsement]
[endorsement photo=”https://mbotaswbcw-flywheel.netdna-ssl.com//www/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/melanie_Paulsen_bw_small.jpg” cite=”Melanie” byline=”Mother of two, Santa Monica, CA”]Her book and online classes have changed my life in so many meaningful and positive ways. Each class captivates me with interesting science based, practical tips. I have applied many at home and my family and I are so much happier and healthier because of it![/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”https://www.christinecarter.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Erik_L.jpg” cite=”Erik & Natalie” byline=” Parents of two, California”]Thank you so much for your class last month. My wife and I have been putting your advice into practice, and it is making a difference by giving us confidence and helping our kids…For instance, I dropped off our daughter at school without her homework last week (she’d neglected to put it in her backpack) and didn’t rush back to save the day. This week, she did it again, and after first pleading and then berating me for it being my fault, she calmed herself and said, ‘I’m really just angry at myself. I won’t do that again.’ I know 8-year-old-girls are awesome, but her self-compassion just about broke my heart, and it was your advice that gave it room to flow…I really appreciate being given that experience.[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”https://mbotaswbcw-flywheel.netdna-ssl.com//www/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Katia_Verresen.jpg” cite=”Katia” byline=”KVA Leadership, Sausalito, California”]Christine translated years of sociology research into pragmatic frameworks on how to grow meaningful relationships in our life. She exceeded my expectations and delivered material that I use both in professional life as a leadership coach and in my personal life. [/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”https://www.christinecarter.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Lani_testimonial.jpg” cite=”Lani Gerity” byline=”Blogger and artist, Nova Scotia”]What a fantastic class this is! WOW! I am finding this class SO helpful. I already had a morning routine which has been modified over the years and I knew that some things worked better than other things, like time of day, good sleep, etc. I just didn’t have all this neuroscience to explain it. [/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”https://mbotaswbcw-flywheel.netdna-ssl.com//www/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Shanti.jpg” cite=”Shanti” byline=”Mother of three, Bay Area, California”]I loved Christine’s parenting class. Her talks on parenting were based in solid research but the lessons I took home were simple and easy to implement.[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”https://mbotaswbcw-flywheel.netdna-ssl.com//www/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Debbie.jpg” cite=”Debbie” byline=”Mother of twins, Piedmont, California”]Christine knows her stuff — from the latest research and from real life with her children. Her teaching style is funny, warm, and empathetic. The result is a thoroughly enjoyable class — with the promise of real results at home. I highly recommend Raising Happiness![/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”https://mbotaswbcw-flywheel.netdna-ssl.com//www/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Louella_jpg.jpg” cite=”Louella” byline=”Mother of one, Phillippines”]Your work has made a positive impact on me and my family in more ways than you can imagine.[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”https://www.christinecarter.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Robert_P.jpg” cite=”Robert” byline=”Father of two, Santa Monica, California”]Since giving birth to our first daughter my wife has brought home a trove of books, videos, and pamphlets purporting to help me be a better parent. None were worthy of my time nor space on my bookshelf until Christine Carter. She is smart, witty and real. And she knows her stuff. Her tips and practices not only help me be a better parent but a happier person too. And a happier Daddy makes for a happier family. Trust me.[/endorsement] [endorsement cite=”Madia” byline=”Mother of two, California”]You have helped me teach my family the importance of a routine through tiny steps and one thing at a time. In December, I had designated chores that I knew would be challenging and possibly stressful to us. When I began this class, I lessened the chores and asked us all to focus on one specific thing. My specific thing is calm. With this focus, it has made our lives healthier and loving. Thank you for all you do. I am grateful for you, Christine. You ROCK![/endorsement] [endorsement cite=”Eithne” byline=”Mother of one, Ireland”]Thank you for the course Christine. I love your enthusiasm, your belief in your ‘students’ and your compassion. I love the blend of science and life experience. I love the references to other books etc. I have ordered some. I loved reading the comments and contributions from the community of participants, the honesty and insightfulness.[/endorsement] [endorsement cite=”Mary” byline=”Montara, California”]Thank you Christine! I truly enjoyed this class and it really helped me. I have struggled with my desired resolution for a very long time. Thanks to your breaking things down into tiny habits, I was able to achieve my goal within the 21 days. I was able to wrap my mind around the concepts you provided easily and it helped to change my habitual patterns a tiny step at a time.[/endorsement] [endorsement cite=”Viji” byline=”R&D Scientist and Engineer, wife and mother of one, Texas”]Thank you for the gracious gift of your time, enormous effort, background research, social commitment and caring. Everything about the course – the format, organization, references, personal touches, discussions and feedback worked for me and I am grateful.[/endorsement] [endorsement cite=”Marina” byline=”Mother of two, Bay Area, California”]The Class was WELL worth my time, in spite of the fact that I was attending during a very stressful and busy time in my life.[/endorsement] [endorsement cite=”Joanne” byline=”Mother of one, Oakland, California”]This class has been invaluable in so many ways. I’m immediately able to put to use everything I’m learning.[/endorsement]

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