Looking for help setting goals, getting into new habits, or planning your day, week, or year?

Goals Workbook

1. Set Goals

It’s not enough to know what you want to accomplish. Done wrong, research shows that goal-setting can actually hinder your progress. The good news: Done correctly, goal setting works!

Use this evidence-based method to set goals the right way this year.

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Habits eBook

2. Establish Healthy Habits

Get into good habits and break bad ones. Overcome the obstacles that are keeping you stuck with this free eBook. 60+ PAGES OF SCIENCE-BASED STRATEGIES will help set you up for success.

This is your guide to setting and keeping resolutions.

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Planner Template

3. Make a Plan

Planning creates a structure for our daily activities—a solid foundation on which to adapt to a new and unplanned future. My free planner contains everything you need to make a plan to find some peace in the coming year.

Use these customizable worksheets to jumpstart your daily planning.

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The 1-Minute Secret to Forming a New Habit

You know how resolutions often go: you set a goal and start strong … and then the motivation runs out and feelings of frustration and shame creep in. The struggle is real—but what if it doesn’t have to be? In this TEDtalk, I share a simple step to shift your mindset and keep you on track to achieving your grandest ambitions. Watch here.