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Happiness Tip: Celebrate

Get excited about someone else’s good news.

One of my favorite things that happy couples do: They shout things like “WHOO-HOO!!!” when their partner shares good news. Enthusiastic spouses have longer lasting and happier relationships.

Take Action: The next time your partner shares positive news with you, respond enthusiastically! (No, you don’t actually have to whoop or cheer, but your response does need to be positive and active—silent support, even if it is loving, won’t get you the same results.)

Join the discussion: How do you celebrate your loved ones’ quick wins?  Share in the comments below.


  1. Michael says:

    While I couldn’t agree more I have horrible experiences of the opposite. I remember receiving the highest award in an organisation my wife is also a member. This involved getting a plaque in the post. My wife’s response was
    ‘Well I’ll never get one of those’ and then the look of disgust as I occasionally looked at the letter that came with the plaque as we had our dinner. On another day I mentioned how I was just at the gym and really enjoyed the steam room. I have never used a steam room before and so found it great new experience and was full of enthusiasm. I was met with ‘Oh the sauna was broken was it’. I just felt so down then and still do recalling it. To be frank I believe my wife didn’t realise the hurt I experienced which at the end of the day is really my affair and how I view these things.

  2. JeanTracyMSS says:

    Being enthusiastic when your partner shares good news increases the bond. Thanks for the great advice.

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