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Are you bored? Or threatened?

“Even more than they are boring, downtime and daydreaming are threatening to our sense of self.”

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How would you feel if you had to just stare into space for 10 minutes, and weren’t allowed to do anything?

This short video is from a series about “strategic slacking” from the “Science of Finding Flow”, an online course I created as a companion to my book The Sweet Spot: How to Accomplish More by Doing LessWant to go on to the next class or start the course from the beginning? It’s free! Just go to The Science of Finding Flow course page. Enjoy!

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  1. MarkM3 says:

    This is so true! Sadly, it’s Western society in a nutshell. 🙁 Activity and stimulation have become our drugs of choice. 💉

    As you said, we’ve gotten really, really bad at just doing nothing. We definitely need to cultivate this skill, and it’s something that I plan to work more on. As with most things, “baby steps” seems to be the way to go.

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