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The Science of Finding Flow - Dr. Christine Carter

Unit 1: The Ideal Worker
Meet your Instructor
The Sweet Spot
What is Flow Anyway?
Are You an Ideal Worker?
Overwork…Doesn’t Work
What is Productivity, Really?
Final Course Instructions… I Promise

Unit 2: Choose
Welcome To Unit 2!
The Problem with Pursuing Pleasure
Chase Meaning, not Happiness
Finding Meaning at Work
Activity #1: Think about your eulogy, not your resume
How Do you Want to Feel?
Activity #2: Pick your top 5 priorities
Activity #3: Make a not-to-do list
Wrapping up Unit 2…

Unit 3: Detox
Welcome To Unit 3!
Checking is Not the Same as Working
Countering the Novelty Bias
Fighting FOMO at Work
Activity #1: Schedule Specific Checking Times
Activity #2: Take a Minute to Disable Notifications
Activity #3: Designate Device-Free Time
Activity #4: Hide the bowl of candy
Activity #5: Tell Your People About Your Digital Detox
Five Ways to Stay on Your Detox
Wrapping Up Unit 3…

Unit 4: Focus
Introduction to Unit 4 – Focus!
Step Awaaaay From the Busyness Competition
Video: An Illness We Are Choosing
The Perils of Multitasking
Activity #1: Schedule Time to Single-Task
How Bad, Really, Are Interruptions?
Activity #2: Build Yourself a Focus Fortress
Prepare to Drop Into THE ZONE
Activity #3: Outline Your Flow Ritual
Short Video: Unit 4 Wrap-Up

Unit 5: Slack-Off
Are You Bored? Or Threatened?
The Problem with Nothing
The Benefits of Slacking-Off
Day Dreaming 101
Where Creativity Comes From
Activity #1: Take Recess!
Activity #2: Eat Lunch, Even if You Are Super Busy
Activity #3: Take a Nap
Wrapping up Unit 5

Unit 6: Feel
The Perils of Pretending
Here’s What Happens When We Aren’t Authentic
The Benefits of Letting Ourselves Feel What We Feel
Activity #1: Listen to Your Body
Activity #2: Let Yourself Feel What You Feel
Activity #3: Do Nothing. (Really…NOTHING.)
Wrapping Up: Should We “Fake it ’till We Make it?”

Unit 7: Flourish
Welcome to Unit 7: FLOURISH!
The Power of Positive Emotions
Why Happiness Makes Us More Intelligent
The Happiness Tipping Point
Should You Feel Happier More Often?
Activity #1: What Makes You Happy?
Activity #2: Making Gratitude Real
Activity #3: Find Inspiration and Awe
Activity #4: Try Meditation
Activity #5: Be Curious
Activity #6: Pick Some Low Hanging Happiness Fruit
Activity #7: Amplify Your Positive Emotions
Activity #8: Swap Stress for Courage
Wrapping Up Unit 7

Unit 8: Connect
The Virtue of Love, Even at Work
The Power of Office Friendship
The Great Happiness Amplifier
What’s a Good Friend Worth?
How to Keep Friendship from Fading
Activity #1: Smile at the Barista
The Surprising Benefits of Generosity
Activity #2: Do a Few Quick Favors
Activity #3: Ask for a Favor
Activity #4: Send Well Wishes
Activity #5: Apologize
Wrapping Up Unit 8

Unit 9: The Real Ideal Worker
You Have What it Takes
How to Close the Gender Wage Gap
The REAL Ideal Worker
Where to Go from Here