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Formerly known as Cracking the Habit Code, this is Dr. Carter’s companion class to The Sweet Spot: How to Find Your Groove at Home and Work.

Need help sticking to a new routine or setting goals that work? Enroll in my FREE 12-week coaching program.

A completely revised version of my most popular online class, 90 Days to a New Habit is now a FREE 12-week coaching program. You’ll also get a free workbook and access to a live Q&A to give you even more guidance and structure.

Why have I designed a ninety-day program for you? Because breaking habit creation into small, digestible chunks makes it less daunting—and that increases our odds of success. I feel pretty confident that if you pick the right habit (and I’ll guide you in picking the right habit) you’ll have it well established by the end of this program.

  • Move an activity from your “REALLY should be doing” list to a behavior you do so automatically you don’t have to think about it!
  • Learn to avoid common booby-traps hardwired into the human brain that make it difficult to keep your new habit.
  • This is a 12-week email and text based coaching program. It’s practical, do-able, and science-based.

Want to make REAL change? Do you make the same resolutions year in, year out — but they never seem to stick?


Class Testimonials

“Nothing is more important than fitting healthy habits into our busy schedules. Often, our life depends on it! We know the reasons why we should exercise — or meditate, or eat more veggies, or get more sleep, or quit smoking, or reduce our debt — but most people really don’t know HOW to do those things. Dr. Christine Carter has devised an ingenious plan to help us keep our resolutions. I recommend it to all my clients — it really does work!”  –Aaron Holby, Coach, Personal Trainer & Founder, Aaron Holby Health & Wellness.

“What a fantastic class this is! WOW! I am finding this class SO helpful. I knew that some things worked better than other things…I just didn’t have all this neuroscience to explain it.”  — Lani Gerity, blogger and artist, Nova Scotia

“Thank you for the gracious gift of your time, enormous effort, background research, social commitment and caring. Everything about the course – the format, organization, references, personal touches, discussions and feedback worked for me and I am grateful.”— Viji, R&D Scientist and Engineer, wife and mother of one, Texas

“You have helped me teach my family the importance of a routine through tiny steps and one thing at a time. In December, I had designated chores that I knew would be challenging and possibly stressful to us. When I began this class, I lessened the chores and asked us all to focus on one specific thing. My specific thing is calm. With this focus, it has made our lives healthier and loving.

Thank you for all you do. I am grateful for you, Christine. You ROCK!” – Madia, mother of two, California

“Thank you for the course Christine. I love your enthusiasm, your belief in your ‘students’ and your compassion. I love the blend of science and life experience. I love the references to other books etc. I have ordered some. I loved reading the comments and contributions from the community of participants, the honesty and insightfulness.” – Eithne, mother of one, Ireland

“Thank you Christine! I truly enjoyed this class and it really helped me. I have struggled with my desired resolution for a very long time. Thanks to your breaking things down into tiny habits, I was able to achieve my goal within the 21 days. I was able to wrap my mind around the concepts you provided easily and it helped to change my habitual patterns a tiny step at a time.” – Mary, married for over 30 years, California

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