Stress-Relieving Tips for the Holidays (Video)

Holiday stress tips and how to say "No" with Candace Rose.

I joined Candace Rose for an interview to discuss how we can avoid disappointment this season and stop being so hard on ourselves, the secret to saying “no”, and stress relieving tips we can use when we feel a sense of overwhelm. Candace Rose: The holidays are often thought of as the most wonderful time […]

How to Enjoy the Holidays

Three steps to a low-stress, high-joy holiday season.


My teens are obsessed with Christmas carols this year (and every year). “It’s the holidays!” they exclaim when I suggest that perhaps we could listen to NPR instead of the Christmas carol station. This is, at least to the kids, is the most wonderful time of the year. Many adults love the idea of the holidays more than […]

How to Buy Happiness

Holiday gift ideas to help you buy happiness.


Even though we say we can’t buy happiness, we often behave as though we can. Why else would we spend so much time shopping? What if I told you that you actually can buy happiness, for yourself, or for someone else? Well, you can! Here’s how. For starters, remember that there is a huge difference […]

Black Friday Sale

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Why Start Exercising, Now, Over the Holidays?

Why the holidays are actually the best time to start a new routine.


If you are anything like me, you are not inclined to join a gym, or start training for a new race, or begin an exciting new exercise plan right now, during the holidays, when you have no time. (Even if, like me, you feel like you could use a little more exercise right about now.) Here’s why the holidays […]